Ways to Transform Your Home for Fall

September 29, 2017

Cooler weather and changing leaves are on the horizon, and you may find yourself itching to transform your home along with the seasons. With the transition from summer to fall, most are ready to celebrate new cooler temperatures, color palettes, tastes, and scents. Have your home match the season with a few of the following simple, decorative home additions and tasks.

Decorate with Glamorous Pumpkins

One easy way to spruce up your yard, patio, or front door area is to include a beautiful pumpkin or squash as they always set the tone for fall. While carving pumpkins is a great activity, and definitely one you should partake in this October, there are so many other ways to decorate the popular fall gourd.

One wonderful tutorial we’ve seen is Glittering Leaf Pumpkins. With some white paint, copper-colored glitter, and a few more items, you can create this pretty decoration to last throughout the season. Visit the link above for a picture and the complete instructions.

Add Seasonal Candle Holders (and Scents) to Your Home

A favorite way to decorate for fall is with candles. Not only do they provide visual and actual warmth, but can also be arranged in many different ways. A candle can stand alone or be an integral part of a beautiful centerpiece or mantle display.

One amazing thing you can do to amp up your candles in fall is to create seasonal holders for them from mini pumpkins and other gourds. Similar to carving a pumpkin, you’ll scoop out the flesh of these small gourds making just enough room for a tea light. They look absolutely lovely — check out this pumpkin holder tutorial for more details.

Another thing you can do to make your home match the season is to add popular fall scents with candles. Whether you choose pumpkin, coffee, or apple cinnamon spice, there’s sure to be a scent you associate with fall and would love to have wafting through your home. If scented candles come on a bit too strong, try making one of your own, or getting seasonal whole coffee beans and creating this DIY “scented candle.”

Include Rich Colors Outside

Just because the seasons are changing doesn’t mean yard work is through. Fall is actually a time when outside your home could use a little more TLC in preparation for winter. Rake the leaves and other debris such as bark and twigs, make sure to continually mow the lawn as you would in summer, and consider adding new plants (the rich colors mentioned above) for fall. From the seemingly endless colors of Mums to the dusty purple of Russian Sage and different types of grasses that add texture and interest, fall landscaping offers many possibilities.

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