Unique Types of Furniture You Should Consider Adding to Your Custom Home

May 5, 2015

At Heritage Custom Homes, we encourage our clients to think outside of the box when it comes to planning, building, furnishing and decorating their custom home. You don’t have to have the same colors or types of furniture that Susie and John down the street have. It is your custom home, so make it as personalized as you want! One way to accomplish this is through captivating and unique types of furniture.


Bookcases can be any shape, size, and style! Long gone are the days of vertical, wooden bookshelves. Whether you are an avid reader and bookworm, or simply want a bookcase for the sheer elegance it will add to your home, your bookcase can accomplish just that.

Furniture Designed With Technology In Mind

Our society is becoming more and more dependent on technology each day. With this in mind, many furniture brands are beginning to create and sell furniture devoted to assisting technology. In fact, some models and options can even charge your phone or other electronic device. If you’re looking to create a luxury home, this type of furniture can help take your home to the next level.

Antique and Heirloom Furniture

Nothing is trendier than antique furniture. We’re not talking 1970s furniture — that is long out of style and shouldn’t make a comeback. If you have furniture items that have been passed down from generations to generations, this will add a greater personal touch to your custom home.

Whatever You Want!

What’s the most unique type of furniture you could possibly add to your custom home? Whatever. You. Want! It is your home, so no matter what you choose, the furniture will have a sentimental or emotional meaning to you and your family.

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