Top Homes From The Movies

August 12, 2016

Our goal at Heritage Custom Homes is to provide you a home to be cherished for generations. Take a look at these well-loved homes that have continued to capture everyone’s attention for years.

Gone With The Wind

gone wit hthe wind 12 oaks

If you weren’t already enamored enough with Scarlett O’Hara, her home matched her beauty and gave us all a house to envy. It’s a true southern home worthy of designing after with its white columns, double staircase entryway, formal dining room, and library.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

mr and mrs smith

The house that looks so similar to the house seen in The Father of the Bride, is actually a house in the same area. This modern interior chooses a patterned tile to dominate the kitchen. Check out that backsplash behind the stove!

The Notebook

the notebook

This home with the blue shutters and wrap-around-porch and the story behind it made every female hopeless romantic fall in love. What girl wouldn’t be impresses by a man renovating a house into one of her dreams? This house goes to show that no house is too far gone to be gorgeous. Its interior is just as lovely with its wooden floors and brightly painted rooms.

Home Alone

home alone

It’s no wonder two burglars wanted inside this house. Its many rooms, elegant stairs and richly decorated home create a homely space anyone would want to live in.

Steel Magnolias

steel magnolia

This famous Southern home is one you can actually visit and stay in. It’s a quaint home with the second floor railing, brick pillars, and cozy rooms. Each room has its own name specific to its rich history.

Father of the Bride

father of the bride

This is the home that made backyard weddings popular. It’s the classic American home for a classic American family with its beautiful neighborhood and white picket fence. A family actually moved into this house and is planning to upkeep the house true to its movie appearance.

The Great Gatsby

great gatsby

While this mansion may not actually exist, there’s no harm in admiring its design. Gatsby’s home is a symbol of wealth with marble walls and floors, grand staircases, chandeliers, and gilded ceilings.

Pride and Prejudice

pride and prejudice

Pemberley. The home of Mr. Darcy. Maybe this is what actually won Elizabeth’s heart over. This mansion based on the Chatsworth House in Derbyshire is elaborately decorated with artwork and looks fit for royalty.

Marley & Me

The house at 1175 Meetinghouse Road in Birmingham featured in the 2008 film “Marley & Me” is listed for sale at $1.25 million.


It was the movie everyone thought was going to be a cute puppy movie, until they realized Marley was going to die. At least they lived in a comforting home. There’s even a window seat to sit on for gloomy days! The brick exterior and double chimney give this home a cozy cottage feel that makes this home worthy for a dog to live and die in.


Only in London and beside the beach would you see bright, pastel-colored houses. It’s a home for children with its imaginative staircase and bright kitchen. It’s even a perfect home for a bear, if you happened to invite one to stay.

What did you think about those houses? Imagine if you were able to live in your favorite. Or even live in a home that blended five of them together? With the help of Heritage Custom Homes, you have the ability to pick what you like in a home and have it created just for you. If you’re looking to have a home built for you and have something specific in mind, contact us today to get started.

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