The Best Gardening Tips To Try This Season

June 6, 2016

Spring is officially in the air. Among many other things, this means that it’s time to begin growing fresh produce right outside of your door. Whether you’re an experienced gardener, or this is your first time planting, all gardeners can benefit from learning and implementing the following tricks for the season.

A New Way to Store Seeds

Keep seed packets stored in an old photo album, especially once they’ve been opened. No longer will seeds get lost in the shuffle and be at risk of spilling or blowing away. Within the coming seasons it will be easier to sort through your collection in order to determine what’s going to be planted next.

Keep Garden Plants in Their Place

Many gardeners can empathize with the experience of growing a plant that decides to overrun an entire garden. It could even be your favorite plant… aside from the fact that its dominant nature detracts from other crops.

To keep aggressive plants at bay, plant them in the ground while still inside of their planter. Make sure that the the bottom of the planter is removed so it can continue to grow. This will contain the plant’s roots to one area.

Coffee and Tea Wakes Them Up, Too

Leftover tea and coffee grounds can be great for plants that benefit from acidity in their soil. These grounds also make a great addition to compost

Clay Pots Defend Frost

Clay pots can be used to cover and protect small plants from the sporadic frosts that often take place at the beginning of the season. Simply cover your plants at night with these pots and make sure that they are the right size, so as not to do your plants more harm than good.

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