The Benefits of Homes Designed for Smaller Lots

September 2, 2016

Despite what the photographs show, not all custom homes are gigantic. There are many instances when looking over a custom home builder’s portfolio that the homes shown look more like mansions than your average residence… not something that all families are looking for. In addition to a large home not being everyone’s cup of tea, if you’re moving to a popular, urban area, it may be difficult to come upon a lot that can fit a home of this stature.

This is okay, though! If a smaller lot is what you’re looking for, or is the only thing available in the neighborhood of your choice, a skilled custom home builder should be able to look at the space and create a layout that would work wonderfully within the limitations.

A Small Lot Can Help You Prioritize

A home built on a small lot will make use of all the space available. In fact, space will probably be better allocated because of this. Working with a narrow lot allows you to really think about the necessities for you and your family when it comes to building. Although this may be disheartening for some (goodbye, man cave?), having to prioritize in terms of rooms to include can help to keep you within your original budget when building a custom home.

You’ll Save Time and Money

If your house is built on a small lot, you’ll save money when it comes to land. Additionally, if your custom built home takes up the majority of your property, yard maintenance won’t be a huge chore for you to take care of in the future.

Despite What You Think, There Are So Many Options

Narrow house lots are nothing to fret over, as a custom home builder should be familiar with the home designs that make the most of being small. You’ll have a wide range of styles and floorplans to draw inspiration from as smaller custom homes are being constructed every day. A custom home builder will work with you in order to create the home you’ve been envisioning on a smaller lot.