Simple Organization Tips for Your Custom Built Home

September 12, 2016

Simple Organization Tips for Your Custom Built Home

Have you noticed that after moving into your custom-built home in Murfreesboro, TN that your home seems to be a bit disorganized? If you didn’t take the time to create an organizational plan for your new home, you are now tasked with organizing an entire house. Try using these simple tips to not only ensure that your home is organized, but that your life is a bit easier too.

Start with the kitchen cabinets

During the moving process, the kitchen cabinets are the first to become overflowing with household items. It is natural to want to unpack and shove all your plates, cups, appliances and more into your new spacious kitchen cabinets. However, this approach will not fare well in the long run.

Instead, make sure that the items you use every day are placed on the lowest level of your kitchen cabinets. This step makes it easier for all members of your family to reach the items such as plates and cups, and assists in organizing your cabinets.

For items that you rarely use, such as serving dishes and certain types of appliances, place them on the middle and higher shelves. Remember, be careful of the weight of your kitchen items. You do not want to place a heavy crockpot on the very top shelf as this will compromise the integrity and strength of your cabinets.

Make pantry items visible

Whether in your kitchen or bathroom pantry, it is essential to ensure that your organizational process allows for maximum visibility. How many times have you ended up with more cans of soup, simply because you couldn’t see the current three cans of chicken noodle soup sitting in the back of your kitchen pantry? Make sure that your pantry enables you to see all of your items easily, so you don’t end up purchasing more than you need on a weekly or monthly basis.

Bedroom organization

One of the most common bedroom organization complaints is the amount of wires used in the closet. Instead of using multiple types of hangers, choose one style and only purchase a few sets. You really do not need multiple hangers lying around your home. In fact, most types of clothing do not need to be hung up either. Only hang the essential clothing items and you’ll save space (and your sanity) when it comes to your bedroom closet.

Toss it!

Does it seem as though you moved into your new home with more stuff than you left with? If so, this means it’s time to get tossing. Do you really need those old shoes from high school? Even though they still fit, you barely wear them. Either toss them or even better, donate them to a Goodwill store or similar service in your area.

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