Repurposing Rooms You Don’t Need

August 15, 2016

Some people think that just because a room is called a dining room, it has to be used to dine in. And a laundry room is for laundry only. But what would happen if you ignored those room titles and rethought their potential? Do you have to have a formal living room? Or a breakfast nook? It’s time to rethink your space. Consider your lifestyle and determine what rooms fit your needs. Rethink the home you want to live in by repurposing rooms you don’t need.

Home Office

These days, it has become more popular to work at home than to have a formal dinner. If you have a dining room you use maybe twice a year, repurpose it by turning it into your office space at home. A home office will provide the organization you need to work and remove distractions to keep you productive. The kids can even use this space to do their homework in before they go to their own rooms to play, allowing you to keep an eye on how much they get done.


Rather than have a formal living room that either rarely gets touched or becomes an elegant but messy “mudroom,” consider repurposing it into a library. The walls can be lined with shelves to hold all your favorite books, and the floor can be a desk/comfy chair writing/reading area. Obviously, if you aren’t into books, this room isn’t for you. But what are you into?

Hobby Room

Hobbies are great unless you never do anything with them. Besides a lack of time, not having enough space can deter someone from pursuing their hobbies. Do you sew? Paint? Play music? Whatever your hobby, dedicate a room to help you focus on what you love.


One of the biggest excuses people use to not go to the gym is that they don’t feel like going. It’s too far away. But what if your gym was in the next room? What excuse then? By repurposing a small bedroom into a gym, you can eliminate both the setup hassle of equipment as well as the travel time to get there.

Heritage Custom Homes designs homes specific to you and your needs. Whatever rooms you want in your home, we’ll make sure they’re in the plans. Whether you are looking to build or simply remodel your home to fit you, Heritage Custom Homes can make your dream space a reality. Contact us today to get started on your home.