Reinvent Your Space – 6 Great Garage Conversion Ideas

August 11, 2015

Most people use their garage for storage, but your garage has the potential to be a unique and special part of your home. People are always finding innovative ways to utilize the ample space provided by their garage.

Get creative; find a conversion project that fits your own needs! Reinvent the space of your beautiful custom home, like these by Heritage Custom Homes.

If you need some inspiration, check out these six awesome garage conversion ideas!


Sure, you might have a few tools lying around your garage, but just imagine all the weekend projects you could accomplish in a dedicated workshop.

Pegboard is great for turning a wall into a place to organize just about anything. Make sure your workbench is large enough to handle any type of project you might be tempted to tackle!

Extra Bedroom

Have a place for friends and family to stay when they visit by turning your garage into some extra living space. Add a bed, dresser, and a desk to cover the essentials, whereas other additions like a ceiling fan, flooring add comfort and make the space more “homey.”

Home Gym

Most gym memberships go to waste because people just don’t have enough time to make it to the gym. You can eliminate this problem by transforming your garage into a spacious workout area, customized with only the equipment you need! You’ll never have to wait for the dumbbells again in your own personal workout area, and you’ll always be just a few steps away from a great workout. Make sure you throw some thick rubber mats on the ground if you’re going to be dropping heavy bars and weights down to preserve your floor.

Art Studio

Give your creative juices a place to flow freely by adding an art studio to your home. Add some skylights or windows to brighten up the space and keep the beautiful outdoors in view. Keep the room open; don’t clutter your studio with too much furniture. Keep it simple with the essentials, such as a drawing table, and easel and a place to hang up projects to dry.

Home Office

Work from home in a state of the art, custom home office tailored to fit your specific needs. Workloads pile up all the time and having an organized and quiet place to sit down and get caught up in your home can be a life saver.

Your home office doesn’t have to be a carbon copy of the workplace, however, as you have the ability to customize your home office to maximize comfort.

Home Theater

Skip the long lines a movie theater by adding one to your own home!

Tiered seating, surround sound, and a projector screen are great ways to bring the feel of a large cinema to your custom home. No more paying a fortune for popcorn and drinks, either!

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