How to Make Your New Home More Energy-Efficient

November 20, 2017

When moving into a new home, you have enough to pay for as it is. If you are looking to cut costs so you don’t have to spend any unnecessary money, consider making your home more energy efficient. By following these simple tips and tricks below, you could save more than you think.

Lower Your Thermostat

For many, people typically do not stay at home all the time. They are out and about whether for leisurely purposes or for work purposes. When you are away, bump your thermostat down (or up in the summer) a few degrees to reduce your monthly utility bill as well as your energy usage. By getting into this simple habit, you could be looking at a lower bill.

Seal All Your Windows

It may not be the first energy saving idea on your mind, but by sealing off all your windows, you could definitely have a more efficient home. Consider adding weathering strips or a sheet of shrink film to your window to prevent any unwanted drafts settling in your home. Both additions are easy to apply and are cheap as well so you will be saving money in all sorts of ways.

Turn Off Unnecessary Water

There are several different ways you can be more energy efficient when it comes to water. It’s easy to run water and not think about turning it off. Especially when brushing your teeth or shaving. Make the effort to be aware of turning off your faucet in order to save money and energy instead of letting it flow the entire time. You can also save by switching from bathing to showering which uses less water. And when you are doing the laundry, try washing a bulk of clothing at once rather than several small loads which actually use more water. You will be thankful you did these easy changes when you see your water bill go down.

Replace Your Bulbs

Although incandescent lighting were once very popular and can be found in several homes to this day, it would be wise to make the switch to halogen bulbs. Incandescent bulbs use a lot more energy than necessary and do not last for a long time. On the other hand, halogen lights, fluorescent bulbs, and LED lights all do not use a lot of energy and offer long lasting light. Make the switch today and start saving tomorrow.

Unplug Any Unused Electronics

Sometimes it may seem convenient to have your electronics plugged up and ready for you when you need it. However, this not true. While some believe that their items such as chargers, televisions, or other electronic devices are not using energy if not turned on, this is not the case. Whenever any electronic item is plugged into an outlet, it is using energy whether it is turned on or not. Take a few minutes by going around to unplug anything that you are not currently using so you don’t have to pay the price for it.

Buy Energy Star Products

If you want to take energy saving a step further, start using Energy Star appliances that are known to use less energy than standard appliances. Energy Star creates refrigerators, televisions, stoves, and more that all save you energy and money. Update your current appliances by finding these energy-efficient products at your local depot store.

Schedule an Energy Audit

To really save on energy (and overall money), schedule a professional to come in and perform an energy audit. By doing this, you can really see where energy is being wasted and where you can start saving. With their expertise on your side, you will be in good hands.

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