Have a Small Room? Make the Most of It!

December 10, 2014

Small spaces can do more than make us feel claustrophobic. These tiny rooms can decrease our productivity and creativity, and even have an affect on our mood. But did you know that a few interior design tips and tricks make even the smallest of spaces seem large? Try these tips in your home today.

Choose Your Colors Wisely

From your wallpaper to your ceiling to the type of sheets and furniture you use, be careful about the colors you choose. Darker colors will immediately make your room seem much smaller. If you’re trying to make your room appear larger than reality, use lighter colors throughout your interior design.

Have An Organization Plan

Nothing is worse than a small and messy room. When you have clothes and other items all over your small room, it will only make the room seem to shrink! Have shelves, bins and other organization methods in action.

Use Mirrors To Your Benefit

When you strategically place mirrors in your tiny room, it will magically give the appearance of a larger room. Ideally, you’ll want to place your mirror across from a window. It will instantly reflect light and make the room seem bigger.

You Don’t Have To Have A Tiny Room


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