Custom Homes – 4 Trendy Benefits of an Open Floor Plan

October 6, 2015

Picking a floor plan for your custom home is a complicated undertaking. There are so many styles and trends to watch leading to a seemingly endless amount of options at your disposal. One of these incredibly popular trends is an open floor plan.

An open floor plan will make a room feel larger and more, well, “open.” This type of floor plan will make rooms flow into one another and allow for efficient uses of natural light.

Keep in mind that there is no “one-size-fits-all” floor plan that works for every family – don’t let your own personal preferences and needs get overshadowed by trends in magazines!

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Maximize the Utility

An open floor will allow for much more multitasking than a closed floor plan. You literally see more of your home from each living space!

You can keep tabs on kids much more easily with fewer walls to obstruct your view. This is especially handy for when your kids are watching TV in the living room while you are busy in the kitchen or office – they will always be in sight.

Specifically, combining your kitchen and living room allows for much more multitasking options.

Make Your Home Feel Bigger

Fewer walls will give your home seem much larger, particularly your kitchen. The spacious nature of an open floor plan eliminates many corners and shadows which can make a room feel cramped and closed off.

Frequently, homeowners want to get as much space as possible out of their kitchens, which can be difficult due to the large appliances, cabinets, counters, and storage fixtures found there. An open, flowing floor plan can play a tremendous role in make these spaces feel larger and more welcoming.

More Natural Light

Natural light is becoming a hot commodity in modern homes. Other than providing a light source, natural light also increases our mental health and lowers electric bills. The benefits of natural light are making more and more families opt for open floor plans in their custom homes.

Open floor plans allow for natural light to reach further into your home by removing obstacles that would normally stop it in its tracks. Light from a large living room window will easily reach the kitchen in an open floor plan.

Extra Entertainment Area

If you are someone who enjoys hosting dinner parties or other social gatherings, then an open floor plan is for you.

Open floor plans minimize room separation and create an inviting atmosphere that makes it easier to connect with guests. Overcrowding, a problem with closed floor plans, is no longer an issue when hosting large groups, as people will have plenty of space in the major living areas to gather and chat.

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