Could a Unique Micro-Home be the Living Solution for You?

September 8, 2015

As we all know, property is a major expense. This has lead to some amazingly innovative solutions that are shaping the future of what it means to be a home owner. Do you ever feel as though your home is too spacious? Are you looking for a change; perhaps to downsize? Have you every considered really downsizing? The micro-home trend could be the perfect solution you’ve yet to lend significant thought. Don’t discount what is lacking in technical space before looking at the charm and benefits a custom micro-home can bring.

Design Tactics for Little Spaces

Micro-homes are popping up all over the globe. They are unique in appearance and usually occupy only a couple hundred square feet of living space. Although this is definitely not a solution for the masses, micro-homes are a great alternative for the minimalistic couple or individual with the desire to be a home owner and give small-space living a try. Living within a small space allows you to implement creative and custom strategies involving space utilization. No corner goes to waste or is taken for granted. From loft bedrooms to unique staircases and geometrically compelling rooms, micro-homes employ a great deal of thoughtfulness as to how one can make the most of very little. Some space saving micro-home design elements include, but are not limited to:

  • Staircases that double as drawers
  • Ladders rather than stairs
  • In-floor storage
  • Custom cabinets designed to flow with the house’s natural shape
  • Unique pieces of furniture with space-saving elements

Saving Energy and Money

Many of these custom micro-homes are built in sustainable ways. Some micro-homes incorporate large windows for maximum amounts of natural light while others are built with the capability to run completely from solar power energy. The potential to live off the grid is just one of the many ways a custom micro-home could save you money. Micro-homes are often built out of recycled materials as well. One of the most interesting examples was that of an old silo that was repurposed and transformed into an amazing micro-home. Customization is a main component of the micro-home, so don’t be boxed in by the traditional idea of a house.

Making a Micro-Home Your Home

This new, custom phenomenon is proving that the amount of square feet you have does not a home make, but the creative ways in which you utilize the space, in order to make it uniquely your own.

Custom Homes Murfreesboro TN

Perhaps, less can be more for you with a custom micro-home. But of course, if a micro-home is not for you, the team at Heritage Custom Homes is ready to help you create the custom home of your dreams — whether big or small. Heritage Custom Homes in Murfreesboro is here to help you find your next custom home – browse our available custom homes and contact us today!