8 Things Your Custom Home Needs After the Kids Leave 

November 8, 2016

Once the kids move out of the house, a home that was once the perfect size becomes too large — definitely more spacious than you and your spouse can fill. This is the time most empty nesters begin looking for a new home that better suits their new lifestyle as a condensed family. A home for empty nesters doesn’t have to consist of only a kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom. You can still have multiple rooms. Now that you have more time on your hands, you can focus on yourself and your own hobbies for a change. If you are thinking about building a new home and aren’t sure what you want in it, here are eight things most empty nesters find appealing in a new home designed with them in mind.

1. One-Story Designs

Unless you really like stairs, you can now have a one-story home and still fit everything you need and want on one floor. A one-story floor plan even still has even space for you to incorporate all your luxury additions you’d like to see in your home now that the kids are gone, such as a getaway room or a gym. Also, a one-story home means less for you to have to upkeep.

2. Open Floor Design

Along with your one-story floor plan, you should also consider a more open approach to the main areas of your home. Now that it’s just you or you and your spouse at home, there’s no need for walls to create barriers between the common areas. Your kitchen, dining room, and living room can all become one open area to cater to a relaxed lifestyle.

3. Large Kitchen

With an open floor plan, your kitchen will already feel larger. But imagine if you had all the counter and storage space you always wanted. No longer is the kitchen a hectic area for your kids to run through and mess up. This is now your space to enjoy time cooking or entertaining guests.

4. Laundry Room

A laundry room is one of those rooms not everyone has but needs. Oftentimes, washers and dryers end up in basements or garages where you have to climb up and down stairs and into dark, damp spaces to do laundry. When building a custom home, now is the time to put an end to that and designate a room specifically for your laundry where it is convenient and can be pleasant.

5. Guest Suite

Remember, when you’re designing your own home, you can do whatever you want. You don’t have to have two bedrooms in the hallway. You could have just one larger one you use as a guest suite with a full bathroom. Or, if you don’t intend on having guests stay over, designate this room as your hobby room where you can get away, relax, and focus on you. And if you do intend to have guests, who says you can’t have both a guest room and a hobby room?

6. Walk-In Closets

This is most people’s dream. While you may not have had space before, you do now if you’re building a custom home. Imagine a closet big enough to walk around in and keep clean and organized with shelves and drawers.

7. Outdoor Relaxing Area

As an empty nester, life is about you again. You have time for yourself now, which means you can relax and enjoy some quiet time. That’s why so many empty nesters choose to include an outdoor relaxing area, sometimes in addition to their hobby or getaway room. This area could range from a deck, covered porch, or a screened patio—whichever you prefer.

8. Exercise Room

The last room empty nesters sometimes like to include in their new home is a convenient exercise room with basic workout equipment. Now that you have the time to focus on getting back into shape, you can enjoy having your personal gym at home and be able to take advantage of its convenience.

These are just several of many options you can choose for your custom home as an empty nester. When planning what you want in your new home, consider how your lifestyle has changed and how that will affect the purpose and size of each room in your home.