5 Tips for Decorating Your First Home

February 9, 2018

Moving into your first home is an exciting time. Whether you previously lived in an apartment or in your parent’s house, nothing was ever really yours to call home. Now that you have a place of your own, here are some tips on how to transform it from an empty shell to a place that looks like home.

Get Rid of the Old

Before you move, start going through everything you have to get rid of some things such as clothes you haven’t worn in years and broken furniture that you should really replace. Your goal should be to bring as little junk as possible into your new home as this is your chance to start fresh. Once you gather everything you don’t need, either donate it all or have a yard sale if you have enough.

Start with the Room You’ll Spend the Most Time In

Since you won’t be able to accessorize your entire home all upfront, it’s best to start with the rooms you’ll be spending the most time in. If you know you’ll be in your bedroom the most, spend your efforts on making that the best and comfiest room in the house. If you plan to have guests over a lot, you may want to focus your early attention on your living room. Pick out some key items you’ll want for each space and work your way up to creating your dream living space.

Wait Before Making Large Purchases

Even though you really want to start buying coffee tables and renovating the kitchen and other pricey changes, wait at least a month or two to get a feel for your home. People often mistake how they want to use their home and how they actually use their home. Once you know your home, you’ll have a better idea of your priorities and how you will want to divide out your money.

Avoid Buying Decor in Sets

You know those home decor stores that try to sell you a collection for every room in the house? While purchasing a few items out of the collection is fine, buying the whole set will make your home feel like a showroom rather than a real home. You’ll want to make sure you pick out pieces unique to you so that your home reflects your personal style.

Have a Unifying Color

Everything you own may not seem to go together well. To create some unity, find a color that will coordinate with the majority of your possessions. Then bring that color out in your walls, curtains, rugs, and lamps. By sticking to one color palette, over time, you will be able to have a home that feels complete.

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