5 Benefits To Starting Fresh with a Custom-Built Home

April 17, 2017

When it comes to getting a new home, homebuyers are presented with the option between buying an old home, buying a new home, or building a home. All three have their pros and cons. Since home building is what we do, we’ll point out a few benefits to having your home custom built.

Match Your Lifestyle

One of the main benefits that home builders advertise is the perfect lifestyle match that a custom home provides. If you value physical fitness, you may want a home gym. If you are a chef, you may want a spacious kitchen with special features. With a custom home, you can choose to have your bedroom either upstairs or downstairs, incorporate particular rooms you want to have such as a library or office, have his and hers walk-in closets, include double sinks in the master bath, or even add a private patio connected to the master bedroom. Whatever you choose, your home will be completely customized to you, your lifestyle, and your preferences.

You Don’t Have to Do Any Remodeling

Since your home is built specifically for you, that means that unless your taste changes the second you move in, you won’t have to do any remodeling anytime soon. No ripping off wallpaper, no repainting, no re-carpeting. It will all be perfect. Your house will already be painted in your ideal color palette, have the floor and countertop materials you want, and your style of lighting fixtures already in place.

No Immediate Maintenance

Since everything in your home will be brand new, you won’t have to worry about your appliances, heating and air, or plumbing giving out. They’ll be all new and under warranty long enough for you to enjoy not having to repair or replace anything for a while.

High-Cost Savings

Over the last ten to twenty years, homes have become much more energy efficient in the way they are designed and built. From newer window panes to better insulation, new homes won’t waste your heating or air and make you pay for something you aren’t using. And more energy efficient means lower bills and more money saved each month.

New Home Feel

When you buy an older home, you are buying a home that has already been lived in. Someone else has already made messes and memories there. But in a custom-built home, it’s all yours to give the home its first memories. Plus, you won’t be left with past homeowner’s drink stains on your carpet or crayon scribbles on the walls.

While some of these benefits apply to buying a new home, we still believe that buying a custom home will leave you the most satisfied. With a home built just for you, you’ll have everything you’ve ever wanted in a home.