5 Benefits of Adding a Bar to Your Custom Home

March 30, 2017

If you love to entertain guests and host parties, a home bar would make a perfect addition to your custom home. You can choose to add one to your kitchen, bonus room, library, office, rec room, or even outdoors! Here are a few benefits to having your own personal bar in your home as well as some basics of what it will need. 

Drinks are Cheaper

By buying your drinks from the store and mixing them at home, you’ll be able to save a lot of money on your favorite drinks. No more overspending as you keep ordering a refill. Your stocked home bar will let you enjoy yourself without the guilt of a high bill the next morning.

Drink Mixes are to Your Liking

With control over what goes into your drink, you’ll be able to mix the perfect drink to suit your tastes. Whether you prefer more or lighter ice or extra or less soda, you can love your drink every time!

Your Home is More Valuable

Adding a bar to your home adds aesthetic value as well as monetary value. So if you should you ever want to sell, you can be sure your bar will add to your home’s appeal.

Friends Can be More Frequent

With a bar in your home, you shouldn’t have any trouble convincing friends that your home is the best place to hang out on the weekends. Friends will be begging you to throw more parties and get-togethers!

The Atmosphere is Ideal

Unlike going out to a bar for drinks, you can set the ideal atmosphere for your home bar. From the music to the volume to the types of drinks served, everything is under your control.

Some Basics for Your Home Bar

  • A sink to wash out glasses
  • Shelves to display glasses and drinks
  • Cabinet to store extra supplies
  • Refrigerator to keep drinks cold
  • Ice maker (as well as an ice bucket)
  • Stem glass holders to hang glasses
  • Wine rack to store wine bottles
  • Bar tray to serve drinks or small snacks
  • Coasters to keep rings off tables 
  • Supply of your favorite drinks
  • Glassware for you and your guests
  • Music player and speakers to set the mood

Once you have your own bar in your home, you may find that you never go back out for drinks again! The convenience and other benefits of a home bar are enough reason for any drink or socialization lover to seriously consider installing one in their home. And if you are building a custom home, now would be the time to make plans to add a bar!