4 Ways to Add Your Personal Style to Your Home

April 29, 2014

When you move into a new house, your goal is to have the building eventually become your home. It may take a little bit of time, considering that you have just moved out of your old home. However, there are a few simple ways you can add your personal style to your new house and create a home.


The type of furniture you choose for your new home will help you display your personal style. If you are looking to turn your new house into a home immediately, you can try using the beloved furniture from your home. If you are ready for a change of pace, purchase new furniture that display your sense of style and provide each room with a welcoming atmosphere.


Everyone has their own personal style. Are you a family that values elegance? Perhaps you are a sports fanatic. Portray your personal style and interests through various decorations throughout your home. Are you a huge fan of a particular style of music or artist? Find a unique way to display that with interesting decorations, paintings, and more in your home.

Favorite Colors

We all have our own favorite color. What’s yours? No matter what your favorite color may be, try to implement that color throughout your home. Whether in the on the wall in the master bedroom, subtly in the tiles of your bathroom, or in the type of dishware you choose for your kitchen, using your favorite colors all over your home will help you turn your new house in to a home.

Custom Floor Plan

One of the benefits of building your own house is the ability to design the floor plan and layout of your future home. This is a simple way to display your personal touch. Whether you want your home to be luxurious, creative, or traditional, your personalized floor plan can do just that!

There are numerous ways to make your house your home by implementing your personal style. When you’re ready to create your new home, give the team at Heritage Custom Homes a call at 615-379-7226. We look forward to building a home you could cherish forever.