4 Easy Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen

November 4, 2014

Do you find yourself overwhelmed every time you enter your kitchen? When you begin to cook, do you seem to scramble all over the place trying to find an appliance, tool or object? If so, it’s time for you to get your kitchen up to speed with these simple organization tips!

Use shelves for cookbooks

If your kitchen is overflowing with recipe cards, cookbooks and other culinary literature, it’s time to install bookshelves in your kitchen! Many homeowners resort to simply storing cookbooks in cabinets or other corners of the kitchen. This tactic ends up causing severe disorganization. After a while you will begin to lose your recipes, misplace a cookbook, and become utterly frustrated. When you have decorative and fashionable bookshelves right in your kitchen, everything is right in one place!

Remember to build your bookshelves far away from any hot appliances, such as the oven and stove.

Arrange your kitchenware by how often you use it


It is in your best interest to arrange your entire supply of kitchenware by how often you use it. For example, if you use cups and plates more than your larger bowls and guest plates, put those on the bottom for easy access. The items you do not use as often can be placed higher, since you will not need to access these items as much.

Cutlery organizers in your drawers

Drawer organizers may be the most useful tool of all! While many homeowners use these simple organizers to separate the knives from the forks and spoons, they can also be used in the rest of your drawers for other cooking tools or even to organize your junk drawer!

Over-the-door organizer in your pantry

Take control of the mess in your pantry by using an over-the-door organizer. Commonly used for shoes in an individual’s closet, this organization product is incredibly useful inside your kitchen pantry too. With plenty of space for storage and additional items, this will help you take action in your pantry and organize your items.

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