3 Reasons to Move into the Harvest Woods Community

October 7, 2014

Murfreesboro, Tennessee was recently listed at #11 in the list of fastest growing cities in the United States. While our area is growing rapidly, there are parts of our town that still retain the small community feeling and southern charm. At the Harvest Woods community located in North Murfreesboro, you’ll find all of the perks of living in a luxury home in a quaint community.

Beautiful Custom Homes

When you purchase a custom home in the Harvest Woods community, you’ll have full creative freedom to design the home of your dreams. Heritage Custom Homes has built and has several available plots of land in the Harvest Woods community. As the owner of a custom home, you can have a home completely reflective of your personal interior design style and preferences.

Instead of buying a home that has already been lived in, doesn’t scream your style, or in a different area of Murfreesboro, choose to purchase a custom home in the Harvest Woods community.

Gorgeous Landscape

The residents of Harvest Woods all claim that the number one advantage to living in the community is the surrounding natural beauty. From the rolling, perfectly manicured landscape to the creek, you’ll enjoy breath-taking natural sights living in your Harvest Woods home.

With magnificent sunrises and sunsets, Harvest Woods is the perfect place to sit out on your deck or in the backyard to take in the natural beauty of your new community. You can choose the type of deck or back yard furniture to suit your style with a custom home from Heritage Custom Homes.

Unique Community Atmosphere

The Harvest Woods community not only boasts sidewalks for walking and running throughout the community, it also has friendly neighbors! As we like to say, living in Harvest Woods is more than a home and a plot of land – it’s a way of life.

Are you interested in building a home in the Harvest Woods community? If so, call Heritage Custom Homes today. We’ll help you get started on your beautiful custom home in Murfreesboro, TN.