If you’re deciding to purchase a custom built home, you’ll want to do a great deal of research before choosing your builder. There are so many options out there, and they aren’t all created equal when it comes to the quality of home they’ll be building.  

There are some essential questions you should ask your home builder to make sure that you’re choosing someone who will do a quality job of building a home and working with you. You’ll learn a lot by asking these questions — they will tell you all about a builders flexibility, communication style, and more. Take a look at some important questions you should ask your home builder before they begin creating your dream home and think about what else you should ask to get the home agreement you’ve been looking for. 

Do you offer flexible floor plans where things can be changed and/or added on?

You’ll want to make sure that your custom built home can actually be customized. Be sure you have a number of different choices when it comes to floor plans, and that you also have the ability to make the home your own, based on you and your families’ specific needs. If you’re wanting to add a deck, another bedroom, or to remove a room that would go unused, make sure your home builder is willing to create the home as you’re picturing it. Since a home is such a large investment, be sure that you’re getting the floor plan you like. 

Can certain rooms be left unfinished? 

When getting a custom built home, you might not want every room to be finished for various reasons. Ask your builder if you’ll have flexibility when it comes to this matter. If some rooms are left unfinished, you may be able to save money. A room being finished won’t matter if you only intend on using it for a storage space. 

Do I have a choice of appliances?

Some custom built homes will come with appliances, but what if you don’t like the ones that are offered from your builder? You don’t want to invest in a number of appliances you ultimately won’t be happy with. Be sure to ask your builder if you’re able to get older appliance models in order to save money, or if you’re able to upgrade the appliances for the latest and greatest technology. 

Do you have a warranty program?

Purchasing a home without a warranty is a risky decision. You never know what could go wrong with a home that you buy — and not having a warranty could end up costing you more than expected in the long run. Make sure you’re covered should anything go wrong soon after the purchase.  

Ask about the surrounding area — where’s the nearest school, grocery store, hospital, fire and police departments, etc.? 

If you’re building a home, you’ll probably want to be nearby places that are necessary for health, safety, and living in general. Asking about these things is also a good way to test the builder’s knowledge of the area. Hopefully, they’ve chosen to build homes in a place they enjoy and believe in. 

How will we be staying in contact throughout the home building process? 

Communication is key, and this is especially true throughout the home building process. Be sure you’re able to come up with a solid communication arrangement between yourself and your home builder. Staying informed and making sure that everything is going as planned is necessary and will give you peace of mind as the buyer. If communication is not important to them, that’s a red flag. 

Heritage Custom Homes  

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5 Reasons Why Custom Homes Are More Energy Efficient

Purchasing a custom home is an investment in many ways, particularly in energy efficiency. By designing your own home, you have the opportunity to create a living space that will save money and natural resources for years to come. If you’re wondering how new homes are able to make a significant positive impact on your wallet and the environment, keep reading.

Better Insulation

New homes are capable of staying warm or cool by using far less energy than old homes because insulation standards have greatly improved over the last few decades. Insulation technology gives builders and homeowners a wide variety of products to choose from depending on the type of building and materials used. From reflective panels that block the sun’s rays to spray insulators that fill in even the smallest gaps to prevent any airflow, modern insulation techniques are better at keeping your house at a steady temperature.

Smart Windows

Many older homes have single-pane windows with metal frames that let in a lot of air from the outside. A few decades ago, when electricity was cheaper and most people didn’t think of being “green,” adjusting the thermostat to make up for excess airflow wasn’t a big deal. Now, modern homes are built with multi-pane vinyl windows with sturdy seals to keep any air from going in or out — saving the thermostat from constant adjustments.

Appliances That Save

Over the years, more energy-efficient home appliances have been hitting the market. In fact, it’s hard to find many appliances that don’t cut down on electricity, gas, or water usage in some way. This includes refrigerators, water heaters, light bulbs — even thermostats, that you can schedule to turn off and on at any time. Almost all the basic appliances in new homes will be more efficient than the ones used in homes built decades ago.

Construction Went Green

When the green movement came along, there was a big push from home buyers for construction companies to do their part to reduce their carbon footprint. Now, there are energy efficiency codes in place across all areas of construction. So whether it’s an office mall or your custom home, a new building is guaranteed to be more energy efficient than a structure that was built years ago.

Innovative Options

Your new home will already be saving energy in many ways, but as a custom home owner, you can take your efficiency a step further by installing source alternatives that drastically cut down on energy and water usage. Solar panels, wind generators, and rainwater-harvesting systems are just three of multiple green inventions you can take advantage of in your custom home. They range in terms of pricing, but all of them pay themselves off in the long run. Ask your representative at Heritage Custom Homes about green energy installations to find which options work best for your home and budget.

Make Your Custom Home’s Landscape Pop

So your new custom home is finally finished here in Murfreesboro, TN, and it looks amazing… on the inside. The outside landscape probably isn’t anything great. Construction can take its toll on the landscape, and if you’re building in a new neighborhood on new lot, hopefully you’re lucky enough to have some fresh sod and not just dirt. But don’t fret. There are great landscaping companies here in Murfreesboro that can help you make your landscape pop to improve the overall look of your custom home, and here is how you can do it.

Choose Complementary Colors

Just like you chose the perfect colors for the interior of your home, you want to do the same for your landscape by choosing colors that complement each other and aren’t overwhelming. You’ll have a wider variety of colors to choose from, but remember not to overdo it. Choose flowers that work well together, such as yellows and purples. Also take into consideration the color of your home’s exterior. If your home is a dark shaded brick, you might want to use a light shade of brown for mulching.


Shrubbery usually requires more thought than people give it. When choosing shrubs for your landscape, keep in mind their maintenance needs. Any shrubs placed under windows should be easy to maintain. You don’t want a fast growing, tall shrub, else it’ll lead to constant maintenance to prevent it from blocking windows. Save taller shrubs for spots that do not obstruct windows. These shrubs can be very effective at improving the look of large homes that have areas with no windows.

Custom Landscape for Your Custom Home

Just as you designed your own home, your landscape is ultimately up to you to customize. You don’t have to be a landscaper to accomplish this, just like you weren’t a contractor when you designed your home. Work with your landscaping company, tell them what you want, and they will know how to accomplish it. Your custom home deserves a landscape that complements it.

5 Benefits To Starting Fresh with a Custom-Built Home

When it comes to getting a new home, homebuyers are presented with the option between buying an old home, buying a new home, or building a home. All three have their pros and cons. Since home building is what we do, we’ll point out a few benefits to having your home custom built.

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5 Benefits of Adding a Bar to Your Custom Home

If you love to entertain guests and host parties, a home bar would make a perfect addition to your custom home. You can choose to add one to your kitchen, bonus room, library, office, rec room, or even outdoors! Here are a few benefits to having your own personal bar in your home as well as some basics of what it will need. 

Drinks are Cheaper

By buying your drinks from the store and mixing them at home, you’ll be able to save a lot of money on your favorite drinks. No more overspending as you keep ordering a refill. Your stocked home bar will let you enjoy yourself without the guilt of a high bill the next morning.

Drink Mixes are to Your Liking

With control over what goes into your drink, you’ll be able to mix the perfect drink to suit your tastes. Whether you prefer more or lighter ice or extra or less soda, you can love your drink every time!

Your Home is More Valuable

Adding a bar to your home adds aesthetic value as well as monetary value. So if you should you ever want to sell, you can be sure your bar will add to your home’s appeal.

Friends Can be More Frequent

With a bar in your home, you shouldn’t have any trouble convincing friends that your home is the best place to hang out on the weekends. Friends will be begging you to throw more parties and get-togethers!

The Atmosphere is Ideal

Unlike going out to a bar for drinks, you can set the ideal atmosphere for your home bar. From the music to the volume to the types of drinks served, everything is under your control.

Some Basics for Your Home Bar

Once you have your own bar in your home, you may find that you never go back out for drinks again! The convenience and other benefits of a home bar are enough reason for any drink or socialization lover to seriously consider installing one in their home. And if you are building a custom home, now would be the time to make plans to add a bar! 

4 Kitchen Ideas to Choose From for an Update in 2017

Kitchens are an exciting area of most homes. Kitchens and the extensions of them tend to be warm and inviting; it’s where meals are made and time is spent together with family and friends. In 2017, you can plan to make your kitchen even more enjoyable by deciding to give it one of the following updates.   

Add a Bar

Go bigger than a bar cart with an actual bar in 2017. This sort of addition is great for frequent entertainers and those who love crafting up cocktails at home. It can add a unique look to your kitchen, as well as make it more inviting. A bar doesn’t have to be about drinks 24/7. Bar seating offers more room for everyone to sit and enjoy a snack, or even a meal in a less formal setting.

Go Retro With Your Appliances 

If you’re struggling to find a way to add color to your kitchen, consider an appliance update. A retro stove or refrigerator in a refreshingly bright and unexpected color have the potential to work wonders in less traditional kitchens. This is a way to make a bold change without a large amount of work. 

Give in to Tile 

Tile has become increasingly popular in kitchens today. Whether chosen for a backsplash or to cover an entire wall, tile creates a bold accent. Within this trend there are many different options to choose from — you can go with the classic white tile or choose something with different visual interest, such as tiles with a hexagonal shape. There are many ways to add tile in order to make it fit with the current look of your kitchen. 

Include a Popular Color

If you’re not quite ready to make the commitment to tile, you can turn to color to make an impact on your kitchen for less. For those wanting to go bold, consider “Greenery,” Pantone’s color of 2017.

3 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

The start of a new year always brings new ambitions and goals, in hopes that these things will get accomplished or become healthy habits for the future. While we’re typically focused on resolutions for ourselves, why not commit to a few that are extensions of ourselves — resolutions for our home. 

You probably spend the majority of your time at home, following work. Does the new year have you thinking about new projects to take on or ways to make your time spent at home more enjoyable? Below are a few great home resolutions to make for 2017. 

Create a Cleaning Routine

It’s easy to fall out of habit with your home cleaning routine — that is, if you’ve ever created one before. For many, cleaning ends up happening when things start to look dirty… which isn’t a routine at all. 2017 could be the year you figure out how to keep your home clean without it becoming a daunting and time-consuming process. In order to do this, you’ll need to set some daily rules, such as:

When it comes to keeping dirt at bay, schedule a time to clean your house once a week. Some tips for a cleaner home include keeping all of your cleaning products in one place, as well as in a caddy so they’re easily transported from room to room. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should only focus on one cleaning task at a time. 

Ditch the Clutter

Most of us start the new year with an accumulation of stuff. And more stuff than we had before. While the cliche saying goes “out with the old and in with the new,” we sometimes forget about the first part. It’s time-consuming to sort, and parting with that old tee shirt we never wear anymore can be harder than anticipated. With that being said, a clutter-free home makes room for the new and provides a much more relaxing atmosphere. 

Plan a Renovation

Is there a room in your home that you’ve always wanted to change? In order to make the most of the space, it might be time for a renovation. Whether it’s a bathroom, laundry area, or entryway, start by crafting a plan for how you envision the renovated space to look. A renovated space can bring new life into your home.  

Deciding Between a Wood vs Gas Fireplace for Your Custom Home

Since it gets pretty cold even here in Middle Tennessee, a nice addition to a home is a fireplace. But how do you decide between a wood vs gas fireplace? Each has their own benefits and drawbacks, depending on what you value more and what you are willing to sacrifice. Here are a few pros and cons of both types of fireplaces to help you choose which is best for your custom home.


There’s nothing quite like the experience offered by a wood-burning fireplace. The crackle of the dancing flames consuming the logs, showers of sparks raining down upon each shift of wood, and the unmistakable scent of burning wood—all create a nostalgic ambiance that a gas-burning fireplace can’t come close to competing with. And it can burn without electricity. So why would anyone even consider not getting a wood-burning fireplace?

Because of the upkeep. For one, a chimney of a wood-burning fireplace must be inspected yearly. Also, the fireplace must be cleaned after every use. Not to mention, a wood-burning fireplace poses a chimney fire risk. Over time, a flammable substance called creosote can build up along a chimney’s walls, increasing the chances of a chimney fire. Of course, this can be prevented by burning only seasoned wood and having your chimney regularly cleaned and inspected. As long as you are willing to put up with the upkeep and mess, you can enjoy all the pleasures a wood-burning fireplace has to offer.


The main reason so many people are turning to gas fireplaces is the convenience of them. With the simple push of a button, your fireplace can go from unlit to lit to unlit again within seconds. And there’s no mess from logs, ash, or creosote. While wood-burning fireplaces need yearly maintenance, gas fireplaces don’t.

The only downside to having a gas-lit fireplace is that natural gas is non-renewable (for if you wish  to stay environmentally friendly), and you don’t get to experience the same ambiance as you would get from a wood-burning fireplace.

Heritage Custom Homes

When deciding between a wood vs gas fireplace, there is no right or wrong answer. Whichever one you choose, Heritage Custom Homes will be happy to make it happen for you while building your dream home. We want your home to reflect you, so feel free to choose either method to light your fireplace.

8 Things Your Custom Home Needs After the Kids Leave 

Once the kids move out of the house, a home that was once the perfect size becomes too large — definitely more spacious than you and your spouse can fill. This is the time most empty nesters begin looking for a new home that better suits their new lifestyle as a condensed family. A home for empty nesters doesn’t have to consist of only a kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom. You can still have multiple rooms. Now that you have more time on your hands, you can focus on yourself and your own hobbies for a change. If you are thinking about building a new home and aren’t sure what you want in it, here are eight things most empty nesters find appealing in a new home designed with them in mind.

1. One-Story Designs

Unless you really like stairs, you can now have a one-story home and still fit everything you need and want on one floor. A one-story floor plan even still has even space for you to incorporate all your luxury additions you’d like to see in your home now that the kids are gone, such as a getaway room or a gym. Also, a one-story home means less for you to have to upkeep.

2. Open Floor Design

Along with your one-story floor plan, you should also consider a more open approach to the main areas of your home. Now that it’s just you or you and your spouse at home, there’s no need for walls to create barriers between the common areas. Your kitchen, dining room, and living room can all become one open area to cater to a relaxed lifestyle.

3. Large Kitchen

With an open floor plan, your kitchen will already feel larger. But imagine if you had all the counter and storage space you always wanted. No longer is the kitchen a hectic area for your kids to run through and mess up. This is now your space to enjoy time cooking or entertaining guests.

4. Laundry Room

A laundry room is one of those rooms not everyone has but needs. Oftentimes, washers and dryers end up in basements or garages where you have to climb up and down stairs and into dark, damp spaces to do laundry. When building a custom home, now is the time to put an end to that and designate a room specifically for your laundry where it is convenient and can be pleasant.

5. Guest Suite

Remember, when you’re designing your own home, you can do whatever you want. You don’t have to have two bedrooms in the hallway. You could have just one larger one you use as a guest suite with a full bathroom. Or, if you don’t intend on having guests stay over, designate this room as your hobby room where you can get away, relax, and focus on you. And if you do intend to have guests, who says you can’t have both a guest room and a hobby room?

6. Walk-In Closets

This is most people’s dream. While you may not have had space before, you do now if you’re building a custom home. Imagine a closet big enough to walk around in and keep clean and organized with shelves and drawers.

7. Outdoor Relaxing Area

As an empty nester, life is about you again. You have time for yourself now, which means you can relax and enjoy some quiet time. That’s why so many empty nesters choose to include an outdoor relaxing area, sometimes in addition to their hobby or getaway room. This area could range from a deck, covered porch, or a screened patio—whichever you prefer.

8. Exercise Room

The last room empty nesters sometimes like to include in their new home is a convenient exercise room with basic workout equipment. Now that you have the time to focus on getting back into shape, you can enjoy having your personal gym at home and be able to take advantage of its convenience.

These are just several of many options you can choose for your custom home as an empty nester. When planning what you want in your new home, consider how your lifestyle has changed and how that will affect the purpose and size of each room in your home.

Simple Organization Tips for Your Custom Built Home

Simple Organization Tips for Your Custom Built Home

Have you noticed that after moving into your custom-built home in Murfreesboro, TN that your home seems to be a bit disorganized? If you didn’t take the time to create an organizational plan for your new home, you are now tasked with organizing an entire house. Try using these simple tips to not only ensure that your home is organized, but that your life is a bit easier too.

Start with the kitchen cabinets

During the moving process, the kitchen cabinets are the first to become overflowing with household items. It is natural to want to unpack and shove all your plates, cups, appliances and more into your new spacious kitchen cabinets. However, this approach will not fare well in the long run.

Instead, make sure that the items you use every day are placed on the lowest level of your kitchen cabinets. This step makes it easier for all members of your family to reach the items such as plates and cups, and assists in organizing your cabinets.

For items that you rarely use, such as serving dishes and certain types of appliances, place them on the middle and higher shelves. Remember, be careful of the weight of your kitchen items. You do not want to place a heavy crockpot on the very top shelf as this will compromise the integrity and strength of your cabinets.

Make pantry items visible

Whether in your kitchen or bathroom pantry, it is essential to ensure that your organizational process allows for maximum visibility. How many times have you ended up with more cans of soup, simply because you couldn’t see the current three cans of chicken noodle soup sitting in the back of your kitchen pantry? Make sure that your pantry enables you to see all of your items easily, so you don’t end up purchasing more than you need on a weekly or monthly basis.

Bedroom organization

One of the most common bedroom organization complaints is the amount of wires used in the closet. Instead of using multiple types of hangers, choose one style and only purchase a few sets. You really do not need multiple hangers lying around your home. In fact, most types of clothing do not need to be hung up either. Only hang the essential clothing items and you’ll save space (and your sanity) when it comes to your bedroom closet.

Toss it!

Does it seem as though you moved into your new home with more stuff than you left with? If so, this means it’s time to get tossing. Do you really need those old shoes from high school? Even though they still fit, you barely wear them. Either toss them or even better, donate them to a Goodwill store or similar service in your area.

For more information on building your custom-built home, contact Heritage Custom Homes today. Keep reading our blog to learn more about building and living in a custom home.